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oh my gosh!!! sem 2 is start now and i still in holiday can i let it happen!?

i still taking 6 subjects in this sem
1)management studies
2)webpage design
4)writing for business
5)mass communication

actually, i hv learn 4 of them in my form 6, but i can say that i nearly forget everything about them, actually not forget but not understand. i think the biggest problem for me in form 6 is the language usage. in my school, art stream is using bm. english is only for those sc stream student. that is what i dun like my secondary school. they always want their student improve in english but teach almost everything in bm, then how can a student improve their english in this condition??thus, the english teacher is also suck, not all but some of them......
so i really glad and happy that i can restudy these subject in english, hopefully i can improve in these 4 subject.

okay...i oledi get my last sem result. not so good but got improve. my stpm result is 1.2++ but my last sem result is 2.2++. its a good improvement for me. so i hope this sem can improve more. miss melissa, she still teach us but no more lecture. she is our management studies's tutor. she still the same, many joke. miss aida, she also teach us and she still our lecture in webpage design. utar teach us how to do java script if im not mistaken. last time in form 6, we use microsoft frontpage to do webpage, but that is the simple, everthing is there, we juz choose which one we want. but java script is different. we need to create our own. but i miss the first lecture and tutorial coz im still in twu at that time......

sem 2 start, someone had left our class.
4)how yuen

5 of them have been change to tb6, the new tb.......but there still hv changes within this week or next week. and grace had quit from utar. i can only say it is too bad.......but what can do??im not her, i cant make decision for her....juz like i told my "gan meimei",
life is full of regret. everyone hv regret. no matter what decicion u choose this moment, u'll regret for what u choose 2day. everyone will experience it in there life. but what had done is done, juz try to make ur life more cheerfull is enough grace, maybe u'll regret someday later, but juz remember the days we all together....also, these word is not only for her, but for everyone of u who read this blog now....remember one thing, what had been done is done, we can't change the fact, so what can we do is juz accept it and try to overcome it.


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