everything comes up now...

11:19 PM / Posted by gavin /

Everything comes up now, the assignments, tutorial works, exams, extra classes.......so many things comes up in the short time. 2day, my lecture had announce that next week will be the mid-term for computer study. That is still ok, coz its oledi posted on the wble. But, on the next lecture, accounting, the lecturer told us that we have an extra class on this saturday and next saturday. This is juz like a big bom and bom us until all "black black". Then, when i reach home, i receive 2 sms, in the 1st sms, it said- TB1, 2morow have an extra class for economic, bring lecture note week 6. Wow, if the accounting is bom, then this would be bazooka or cannon. We suppose to wake up late on wednesday coz our class was start at 12pm, but now, wee need to wake up early as usual.

Now, we hv arts assignment, computer study assignment, 10 minutes speech, pop-up cards....everything is about assignment. Huh......but luckily, my pop-up cards is done, and 10 minutes speech i hv the idea oledi juz fill it into outline. But, for arts assignment and computer study assignment, I really dun hv any idea.


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