TB1 and ex-TB1....attention plz

10:21 PM / Posted by gavin /

thz is juz a information for u guys....kaikiat is going to do an e-journal for tb1....so he need some information from u guys....

the informations are vy simple and vy easy punya....u juz need to type something only....finish them and send to kaikiat's email -- kai_2881990@hotmail.com

  1. english name
  2. chinese name
  3. hometown
  4. BOD
  5. email address
  6. hp num
  7. course taking in degree
  8. message to class (english)
vy simple right....but not end yet....this is e-jourmal, so pic is needed lar....so, plz kindly send him 10 of urs personal pic, 1 background pic, and 1 song u want to play in ur page...(any video n pic you taken in out foundation year)

i know, hotmail cant send file that exceed 10mb....so, plz send to him through www.yousendit.com


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